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Some lighting tips for your home

Lighting is one aspects of the home that is not noticeable when it is perfect but very conspicuous when it is imperfect. Lighting has a whole lot to play in the aesthetic role that just...
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Essential Furniture For New Homes

Making your House a full functional house, takes a great deal of design and plan, it involves several furniture, which I would like to highlight below: The Kitchen One very important furniture In the kitchen...
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Roofing Styles in Nigeria

It is no gainsaying that roofs contribute about 10% of the beauty of a house. A bad roofing style might scare away people, as the house would not be attractive to outsiders. We have put...
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The types of houses you would get in Nigeria are not Igloos, tents, trailers, gingerbread house or underground homes as you would find in the western countries. Although some places in Nigeria have some of...
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