Lighting is one aspects of the home that is not noticeable when it is perfect but very conspicuous when it is imperfect. Lighting has a whole lot to play in the aesthetic role that just merely brightening the home. Here are some few tips to perfect lighting for your home

  • What are your lighting goals: Every room in the home should have a mood. E.g, the Sitting room has a mood of relaxation, ‘flexing”, the lighting there should not be as that of the bedroom that is meant to be romantic or just for sleep.


  • Safety Light and Security Light:  Exterior lighting are also important, the discard intruders, because there every movement is noticed due to the light. Also there should be safety light at every potentially dangerous areas of the home, e.g Electrical Main Box, etc. Follow the aesthetics and security lighting of homes around you as a guideline.


  • In kids’ rooms, remember night lighting: Night light are very good for children, they help them from being scared and also allow the parent easy navigation of the room. The light should not be entirely bright, but bright enough to all easy navigation of the room.


  • chandeliers:.  They come in simple designs that include faux candles, small bulbs, or a few lights to the ornate and expensive crystal varieties. They add to the aesthetics of the formal living room, dining rooms and sometimes the bedrooms.


These are just few of the may tips to lighting your home.