Making your House a full functional house, takes a great deal of design and plan, it involves several furniture, which I would like to highlight below:

The Kitchen
One very important furniture In the kitchen is the kitchen cabinet, it is used to store several items such as food stuff, pots, plates, etc, another is the kitchen table, although not present in all houses but still is very important for eating, and for general ease of accessibility in the kitchen. Others are chopping board, dining set, etc.

The Bedroom
The primary goal of the bedroom is comfort and peace. The kind of furniture in one’s bedroom has a lot to say about how peaceful the room would be. Imagine a room without wardrobe, there is bound to be haphazard scattering of clothes, thus psychologically dementing the person. The list of furniture a bedroom must have include, Bed, Wardrobe with hangers.

Living Room
Popularly called parlor in Nigeria. The parlor is always the first point of entry into one’s home. A lot can be said about your home from the sitting room. Some furniture have ways of giving the living room aesthetics, such as Centre table, bar, chairs, racks. This furniture have their way of giving visitors a cool feeling.

Laundry Furniture
Laundry is one thing that cannot be avoided in the home. There is a very important furniture when it comes to laundry. The Ironing Board. The Ironing board eliminates the stress of ironing in hazardous places, and also the ease of iron comfortably.

All this furniture mentioned above are not to be seen as a must need, for a new home, they can be gotten piece by piece as the income increases, you buy this furniture.