It is no gainsaying that roofs contribute about 10% of the beauty of a house. A bad roofing style might scare away people, as the house would not be attractive to outsiders. We have put together a list of some common roofing styles in our contemporary times.

Arched Roof

The arched roof is mostly used in Nigeria on a portion of the home, but could be creatively used for a whole building as shown above. It looks contemporary and unusual; it adds a great aesthetic touch to the architecture of the house. This roofing system can also the seen in some relaxation sport, as the roofs come in different colors.

Flat Roof 

This type of roof is one of the easiest to identify. It is very common and most times it is made of concrete. It’s easier to construct, safer if you’re going to stand on top of it and generally more accessible. This roofing style allows the occupant to the house to hold events on the roof top. This is the reason why it is most times made of concrete.

Skillion Roof

It has a single sloping roof surface. It is like a slightly inclined flat roof. It is more elaborate and brings more style. It is often used on just a portion of the home and would be suitable as a roof for a vacation house, boys’ quarters, and shop.

Cross Gabled Roof

There are many types of gabled roofs. It is very suitable in homes with extra wings so that each portion of the home has its own triangular gabled roof.



Saltobox looks so interesting from the exterior. It is a neat design and very suitable for maisonettes and other house designs. It is an asymmetrical long pitched roof with one short side and one very long side. Often times, this result in a home that is one storey in height on one side of the building and two stories on the other side.

Pyramid Roof

As the name suggests, this is a type of roof that is shaped like a pyramid. This type of roof is usually used either on small portions, like this, or on small structures such as a garage, gateman house or generator house. A lot more roofs like the hip and bonnet roof are very similar to the pyramid roof. It is popularly called “Send down the rain”.


Hip Roof

This roof is very similar to the pyramid roof. The difference is that instead of coming to a point at the top, the four sides meet at a ridge or a flat spot like we see here. This is architecturally more practical and reduces the height of the roof.

Bonnet Roof

This type of room is similar to the pyramid roof or hip roof. Except that the two of the sides just doesn’t slope down evenly but at an angle which allows it to cover a veranda or outdoor porch area.

Mansard Roof

This type of roof has four slopes, two on each side of the home. The lower slope is a steeper, more vertical slope than the upper slope. Usually the upper slope is not visible when viewing from the ground. You might be wondering why the roof seems to be an extra storey, well that is one of its benefits, it allows for having additional storage space at the top of the house. Not a common roof type in Nigeria, but for those who have lived in foreign countries and are used to this style, it is a style they will go with easily. Also it is found in some old colonial buildings in Yaba and Ikoyi in Lagos.