The types of houses you would get in Nigeria are not Igloos, tents, trailers, gingerbread house or underground homes as you would find in the western countries. Although some places in Nigeria have some of this houses, places like lekki, Banana Island etc.

Unlike in the western countries where townhouses are owned by several individuals, in Nigeria, an individual owns a land, and then builds on the land. There’s so much of confusion as to what house is which and that’s why we have taken the time to carefully pick out and show you different housing types in Nigeria.


Bungalows are most often one-story houses, although they often also include an additional half story, usually with a sloped roof. There are various types of bungalows, including raised bungalows that have basements partially above ground to let in additional sunlight. There are also some that branch away from the original definition by adding additional levels such as lofts and half levels. Common features of the bungalow include a dormer window and a veranda. To a large extent, they are the most popular residential and commercial house in Nigeria. These types of houses are economical to build while maintaining luxury and durability. Bungalow houses are either detached or semi-detached. The detached ones are a single standing property that does not share any walls with any other structure. These properties type due to its isolation are usually very private. The semi-detached ones are joined together by a common wall in the middle. One side of each house shares a common wall while the other side is detached. These types of houses in Nigeria can be found in both rural and urban areas of the country. You might want to call a bungalow a single – flat.


Duplex houses are stacked apartments on two different floors which often looks like either two houses put together or a large single house sharing a wall between halves; see a duplex like two different houses in the same house.  Similar structures with three or four housing units or floors are called triplex or fourplex. Duplex houses are more common in cities although city dwellers have been known to establish such buildings in their hometowns. Like bungalows, duplexes in Nigeria are usually two types; detached and semi-detached. The only difference is, while bungalows are grounded, Duplexes are usually story high. Duplexes are very common in the Government Residential Area of states in Nigeria.


Very common in estates, This style of housing has identical individual houses conjoined into rows. In other words, they are a line of houses which are placed directly onto each other built with shared walls between dwellings. They usually have uniform fronts and uniform heights making the houses identical.  Some housing units implore this kind of housing. In western world, you pay mortgage for this kind of house, but in Nigeria, you can build on your own and decide to rent it out.


These are the houses common in Nigerian villages. Although civilization is taking its toll on this areas, and most of this traditional houses are being replaced with duplexes, bungalows, etc. however some villages in Nigeria still have such houses. They are usually made of mud sand, and thatched roof (palm frond). The house is known for it cool in dry seasons in Nigeria.